Chapter 1–Thoughts Are Things

When I look into the mirror, what expression do I see written on my face?  Do I see complacency staring back at me? Or do I see intense determination to achieve financial freedom in my life?

Scarcity thinking has been my way of thinking for so many years that it still feels somewhat awkward to live my life from a new script. Financial scarcity is my default thinking pattern, robbing me of the joy of abundance. However, just as I can control my attitude, I can control my thoughts.

Awareness is only a first step. Without the next step, I stay stuck.

The next step is to intentionally declutter my mind from negative thinking. As I continue to feed my mind with nutritional thinking patterns, the scarcity thinking looses its death grip. Each hour of my day gives me opportunities to be truly grateful for what I now have and for the abundance that is coming to me. I choose to focus on the difference I will be able to make in the lives of my family. I think of a 2nd honeymoon that I will take with my husband of 28 years… the luxury vacations I’ll have with my children and grandchildren….and the difference I will make in the lives of others.

Today as I look into the mirror, I see staring back at me a woman who is grateful for what she has, knows exactly what she wants, and is rock-solid confident in what she’s creating financially for her family.

Your friend for life,

Margi Starr


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