Chapter 2–Desire

Several years ago I set a goal to climb PIKE’S PEAK, one of the 14,000 ft peaks in Colorado.  I worked out for 8 weeks to get physically and emotionally ready.

I walked in the morning. I walked at night. I climbed stairs. I took spinning classes. I had the INTENTION to climb Pike’s Peak and live to tell about it. Being a baby boomer made this goal more challenging perhaps, but I was determined.

The 13 mile trail to the top of Pike’s Peak was grueling. Although my legs kept me going mile after mile, the oxygen is thin at such high altitudes and I had to stop FREQUENTLY just to get my breath.

FREQUENTLY is really an understatement.

There were times I wanted to quit. There were times I actually wanted to lay down on the trail and close my eyes forever, but my son & daughter who were with me, wouldn’t let me quit. At one point I actually took the hand of one of our fellow hikers, and his energy kept me moving forward.

Napoleon Hill calls it DESIRE in Think & Grow Rich Chap 2. I prefer the word INTENTION. Each day during my training I had rehearsed in my mind what it was going to be like to reach the top of that mountain. That mountain was with me day and night and caused me to stay focused.  Many people told me I couldn’t do it. Some people laughed at me. That made my INTENTION really clear.

I reached a point going up that mountain when there was no other option but to reach the summit. There was no retreat. Dark clouds were rolling in overhead and I had to keep my feet moving. It’s amazing how INTENTION intensifies when you fear a bolt of lightning.

Hour after hour I was looking down at my feet willing them to keep moving.  I was totally surprised to hear my son say, “Everyone step back and let Mom be the first on the summit.”

The final steps were totally effortless. I felt like something was lifting me up…it was that easy…and instead of looking at rock, I was looking at open sky. It took me 7 hr and 10 min….but my clear INTENTION had taken me to top of that mountain.

Now my INTENTION is to create royalty income so that I can have more choices in life.  Instead of hikers helping me up the mountain, I now have my mastermind groups.  I feel their energy and support as I follow Hill’s recipe for acquiring financial freedom.  In my mind, I’m already at the summit.

To your success,

Margi Starr

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