Chapter 4–Auto-What? The Principle of Autosuggestion

Think and Grow Rich Chap. 4… Autosuggestion

Conscious and subconscious thoughts originate deep within the mystery of the human mind. Both are critical to our survival and to determining the way we live our lives.

The brain enables us to solve problems, such as balancing our checkbooks. When faced with a simple math calculation, our conscious mind leaps into action, recalling math facts from 3rd grade.

The subconscious mind never sleeps. It is making nearly all of our decisions for us based on our past experiences, many of which are rooted in our childhoods. Over the years the subconscious takes over more and more of our decisions. It’s like we go on autopilot.

To your success,

Margi Starr

In many ways that serves us. Our conscious minds are freed from making every single decision. Yet, because the subconscious mind is so powerful, it becomes our default. And we’re not even aware of it.

So what happens when we want to change the way we live? How do we switch from living a life of poverty to a life of abundance?

It is through the repeated practice of autosuggestion wherein we have the capability to rewire the subconscious mind. Fully engaging our emotions and five senses is crucial in this formula. Simply repeating sentences like a magical spell does NOT work.

Educators know that for children to learn, their emotions must be involved in that process. When learning is an enjoyable experience, children have fun and learning takes place.

Similarly, by consistent repetition of our specific desires, we are able to recircuit the brain’s wiring system. When our feelings are fully engaged, the subconscious is able to be reprogrammed. And since the subconscious mind doesn’t recognize what is present or future, we can literally trick our minds into thinking that what we desire has already been achieved.

Any woman who has experienced a natural childbirth can tell you exactly what her labor and delivery were like.  Every moment is seared into her brain cells because her emotions were so fully engaged in that process. Similarly, we have to sear into our brains a new message of wealth and abundance.

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