Chapter 5–Specialized Knowledge

Think and Grow Rich–Chapter 5

We do not choose the family we are born into. Some are born into homes of luxury; some are born in homes of despair. Many of us are born somewhere in the middle.

We start making choices as children. We choose our friends, we choose our favorite TV shows, and we choose the picture in our minds of what we’ll be when we grow up.

I mentor a third grader. This little boy has already decided that he is the one who gets the D’s and F’s. His father was in prison so he already knows street smart terminology. He had never been to a library or even a movie theater until I became his mentor. Even as a third grader, he’s at the bottom of life.

The likelihood of this little guy moving up from the bottom is slim, but not impossible. Unless he learns to hold his head up, his future is bleak. Opportunity will not be recognized even if it stares him in the face. His eyes have already been conditioned to look at the ground instead of the sky.

There are others who are able to break through the invisible chains that they were born with. Despite poverty, or abuse, or tragedy, they are somehow able to rise up out of their circumstances. Even in the midst of great odds, some find ways to break the chains and begin to own their life.

It might come through formal education. And then it might not. Maybe it comes because of an adult who believed for him, until he could believe for himself.

Once DESIRE takes over, nothing can hold that child back from achieving the greatness that was placed within him at conception.

Imagination kicks in, circumstances begin to align, and even the child who many said would be at the bottom of life, can rise to the top.

It all comes back to what goes on in the mind.

To your success,

Margi Starr


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