Thoughts from Pensacola Beach

Yesterday I walked barefooted on the sugar-white sandy beaches of Pensacola, Florida.

I have wonderful memories there playing in the sand and sun with family. The gulf breezes, the colorful T-shirt shops, and the tasty fish sandwiches at Flounders awaken my senses. I love this place.

And yet offshore, there lurks a monster that threatens the way of life for this vacation wonderland.

Millions of barrels of oil are spewing from a broken pipe line miles away. As the clock ticks, the black monster is silently making its way to the sugar-white beaches. Sometimes it teases by slowing down its journey and slightly shifts its path.

But despite the efforts of man, the tentacles of this fearful enemy, continues on its course of destruction.

As I stood on the beach looking out at the horizon, I felt helpless. Like a mouse standing before a giant elephant, I am defenseless against this black oily monster.

I can’t control the devastation that this will cause.

Each day I am faced with things that distract me. Oil spills are just one of them.

I wake up to the news of a loved one stricken with cancer… Or a young family breaking apart… Or the stock market plummeting.

There are lots of oil spills around me. They just look different.

The one thing, however, that I CAN control is ME.  My focus, my thoughts, my attitudes.

I have the CHOICE to focus on that which is horrible or that which is wonderful.

I look at the horizon and see the sun still rising in the east. I believe in faith, hope, and love.

I control what things consume my mind, heart, and energy.

Whatever I am THINKING…is what I ATTRACT…and is what I BECOME.

To your success,

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