Think & Grow Rich, Chapter 7–Let Freedom Ring!

While we will soon be celebrating America’s Independence Day with fireworks and parades, Chapter 7 of Think and Grow Rich helps us understand an integral part of our nation’s freedoms. The title of this chapter is “Organized Planning.”  Personally, I think a more fitting title would be “Let Freedom Ring!”

I certainly value my freedom of speech, my freedom to worship, my freedom to choose where to live, and my freedom to choose my own husband. Many around the world are not as fortunate.

Not only did our American forefathers declare freedom from tyranny, they bestowed upon us a Philosophy that would allow us the freedom to accumulate unlimited riches.

America is a Capitalistic society. Because of this, the greatest minds of our country have taken their specialized knowledge to great levels, which have benefited all of us, especially those of us in network marketing!  Compensation plans wouldn’t have the same meaning and attraction to us with this freedom.

Napoleon Hill calls free enterprise the “Capital Cornerstone of Our Lives.” That’s a sweeping statement, but it makes sense that without the ability to amass wealth, our growth as a society would have been stunted. We probably would not be enjoying our morning cup of Starbucks or be sitting at a computer equipped with Microsoft Office.  The driving force between much of the innovation in our country has been the desire for a better life.

It is interesting to note that when this book was written, the whole idea of “capitalism” was under attack. All you have to do is turn on the news today, and you see that it is STILL under attack.

One of my family’s traditions every year has been to watch a “Capitol Fourth” from the steps of  the United States Capital building.  After reading this chapter, I realize that we really are celebrating “Capital-ism,” one of the underlying freedoms of our nation.

Let Freedom Ring!

Margi Starr

937-360-9203 anytime

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