Fly the Friendly Skies in Network Marketing

I’m sitting at the gate at Port Columbus in Columbus, Ohio. Hundreds of passengers with large bags and small children are moving swiftly through the airport terminal.

An airport is a fabulous illustration of the power of networking, but also the importance of first impressions.

Within my first thirty minutes at the airport I had…

…a friendly conversation with the lady at the check in counter,

…a warm smile from the baggage inspector,

…a “Thank you” and a nod from the TSA personnel,

…a pleasant dialogue with the attendant at the gate.

…and even a “Have a nice flight” greeting from the guy who sold me a bottle of water.

Each employee at Port Columbus, as well as every airport terminal on the planet, has a valuable role in ensuring that the airport accomplishes its mission. Some are focused on the basic operating structures, the airline contracts, the auxiliary services, as well as the flight schedules.

But I would suggest that the public’s overall experience is based on those smiles, nods, and brief conversations by the employees.

Network Marketing companies are much like an Airport Terminal. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of people working to make our companies successful.  There are men and women in corporate offices and there are techies who build the websites. But the real power of network marketing is in the Distributors.

Airports and Network Marketing.  We both want to create positive first impressions that create lasting business.

Each day people pass hurriedly through our Network Marketing businesses. Some have large bags or small children. Whether in person or online, it’s in those first few seconds that they form an opinion about who we are and what we are all about. The Attraction Factor kicks in…or not. They lean forward to learn more; or they pick up their bags and keeping moving down the terminal.

What we create, through a smile, nod, or pleasant exchange of words, determines whether we continue to fly the friendly skies or are grounded.

To Your Successful Flying!

Margi Starr

937-360-9203 anytime

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