Think and Grow Rich, Chap 12–The Unconscious Mind

This chapter is one of my favorites because it explains the mystery of the Subconscious Mind.

The Subconscious Mind is the connecting link between the Conscious Mind & God.  It miraculously takes what is the Subconscious Mind and changes it into the spiritual equivalent. In other words, it’s the part of our minds wherein our thoughts are translated into prayer.

What is fascinating is that the Subconscious Mind doesn’t know if something is real or simply imagined. Since our minds think in pictures, we can create visual images (visualizations) of what we desire…and our Subconscious Mind thinks it is already true!

The key ingredient that activates the Subconscious Mind is EMOTION.  When that thought or desire is charged with Emotion, it becomes magnetized. Playing with magnets in Science Class was fun, but when you consider that you can magnetize your thoughts or desires with emotions to get what you want… This is a life-changer!

Since it is the Emotions that takes what is passive and supercharges it into action, it’s crucial to pick the right Emotion   Like attracts like, so if you want Positive outcomes, you must have Positive Emotions.

A true confession…Yesterday there was a situation in my life that made me angry. Not just a little angry—but really angry. You see, I’m often guilty of keeping things bottled up instead of dealing with them. Even though my anger was justifiable, I’m disappointed that I let it consume me for a few moments before I was able to reign it back in.  Although I took a step backward yesterday, today is a new day.  I commit to being more honest and not allow negative emotions to control me.

It is only in tapping into Positive emotions that will move me forward in my quest for Financial Freedom.

Margi Starr


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