LIVE from Radio Station KMSS–The Power of Your Thoughts

“Good Afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen…

You’ve just dialed into Radio Station KMSS broadcasting live from Central Ohio, USA. We have a special program for our listeners today. Many of you are reading Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Today we’ll be explaining some of the concepts from Chapter 13—The Brain.

We hope you enjoy this special edition of our Radio Programming. Be mindful that we are not here for entertainment alone, but rather to help you achieve your Magnificent Goals and Multi-Million Dollar Dreams.”

I have an old Sony radio that requires great patience to tune into my favorite station. Its single antenna must be adjusted carefully before the channel I desire comes in clearly. Usually I have to move it ever so slightly several times before the static disappears and the reception is crystal clear.

I absolutely love it when my radio is tuned perfectly into Station KMSS.

When I have filled my Subconscious Mind with Positive Thoughts, the air waves at Radio Station KMSS become fully alive. The neurons in my Station wake up and begin SENDING forth electrical vibrations to all the other neurons.

It’s like having a Send-Off Party for all the neurons in my Brain.

My very own Radio Station is actually SENDING out a signal so powerful that it can leap from the confines of my brain and move mountains.

After all, Thoughts are Things.

As Station KMSS is increasing its “frequency,” another part of the Incredible System is beginning to awaken.

The RECEIVING signal for Station WMSS is stored in the Creative Imagination part of my brain. As I open myself up to God’s Infinite Intelligence, the circuits begin to flow back and forth between the SENDING and RECEIVING sections of my amazing Radio Station.

Back and forth. Back and forth. Neurons firing at the speed of light.

It’s like having a Fourth of July Fireworks going on inside my Brain.

Just as I control the radio dial on my Sony radio, I control what’s going on in my Mind through the means of Autosuggestion. I give the marching orders; no one else can do this for me. However, because my Subconscious Mind must obey even the slightest command from Autosuggestion, it’s important to make sure I am giving it the right directions.

They say we have what we really want—so I must make sure that my Desire is white-hot—because that’s the fuel for the effective Transmission. Nothing less than white hot Desire will bring about those Multi-Million Dollar Dreams.

“Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen, for dialing into Station KMSS this afternoon. A very special thanks to our Master Mind partners for making this program possible.”

This is Margi Shultz Starr, Broadcasting from Station KMSS…”

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