Jazz Up Your Facebook Profile

IMG_3607Before we start talking about Facebook Profiles, let’s go to that new bookstore around the corner.   Notice that in this bookstore, all the covers of the books face out towards you.  Now while I get a cappuccino, I want you to scan through the gazillion covers in here and decide which books you want to read.  You’ll only have a few split seconds to make your decisions. Ready, set, go!


Now that you have your books, and I have my cappuccino,  what made you grab certain ones off the shelf first?  The title?  The author’s smile? The information?


If you’re building a business using Facebook, you want people looking at your Book Cover, otherwise known as your Profile Page.  In a nano second people will make a decision about you. When we first join our companies, we usually add some business foo foo and some dazzling pictures.  Then we get busy, our information becomes outdated, and it’s a hot mess.


Today there are over 1.4 billion people on Facebook.  Despite its competition with other social media giants, Facebook is still the biggest player in the social media world. It’s still the best way for people to connect with one another.  By the way, Facebook was created to connect family and friends.  So it makes sense to create Profile Pages that will help people get to know us for the wonderful people that we are! Quickly!


So here are the questions we must continually ask:

  • Is my Profile authentic?
  • Is it current?
  • Is it giving a good first impression?


Your Profile Page is after all, your brand, and if we are network marketers, then our brand is important. It’s really a big deal!  It makes all the difference between whether someone sends you a Friend Request or merrily scrolls right on by.


Profile Picture

  • Headshot or head & shoulders. Nice smile.  Good lighting.  Contrasting background. Straight on shot tend to look like a prison mug shot.
  • Use a current picture, not one from 20 yrs ago. If you go missing, would we be able to recognize you from your Profile picture?
  • Speaking of photos, become a good photographer! There are tons of How-To’s on YouTube (ex. Peter Hurley’s “It’s All About the Squinch.”) Download a few photo editors like Aviary or PicTapGo and make your pictures “pop.” No excuses! I use my phone more for a photo editor and social media than anything else.


Timeline Picture

  • This is the Main Part of the cover of your book. Show your passion!
  • Not everything works well as a Timeline picture. Find one that works.
  • Avoid using a stock company picture. Everybody has those!
  • Add text with a photo editor.   Be creative.
  • Check how it looks on the page. Is it centered?  Fuzzy?



  • How much info do you need to share? Sometimes, less is more. A little mystery is okay.
  • Look at your companies top income earners.
  • Note the lines where you can tell WHO you are… Edit it on your phone and add emojis! You can add your URL here even though it is not clickable.
  • Mine currently says:

Jesus Girl – Happy Wife – Guacamole – Ambassador of Hope – INSTAGRAM@TheMargiStarr

  • I’ve reviewed tons of Bios with way outdated information. Consider how everything looks from someone who doesn’t know you. First impressions are powerful!
  • So let’s say your current job is not so glamorous.  How do you word it?  Is there perhaps a better way than to say “Cleaning out cat boxes at the Pet Store?”



  • Gallery Photos: You have FIVE pictures to tell the world who you are! Choose pictures that show various aspects of your life, instead of your business only.
  • Go to your PHOTO section and delete any photos you don’t want. When someone tags you on a picture, it shows up in your PHOTOS.


Now review your Profile carefully.  “Would YOU follow YOU?”  Would YOU pick up YOUR book at the bookstore if it looked like your Profile Page?


One final thought as I finish off this cappucino…


Facebook gives us the opportunity to accelerate our dreams.  Take a few minutes and make sure it reflects the good Friend that you are!

Margi “Shining” Starr





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