As little girls we Imagine what it would like to be a Fairy Princess dressed in pink.

Cambria's face

Then we grow up and Imagine what it will be like to fall in love and marry our Prince Charming. We hear the strains of the Wedding March and we dream of hearing the music play,

“Here Comes the Bride.”

Then life happens and we Imagine what it will be like to have all our credit cards paid off and kiss our 9-5 job good-bye!

In our search for freedom, we hear how some moms have found a way to make some extra income from home.  We see our first customer signing up, then our first distributor! Our mailbox overflows with checks!

Some days it is easy to Imagine.  Some days we get knocked down a bit and have to work at it.

On those days, take a box of Markers and a big sheet of paper and draw your WHY.  What would it be like to not be tired all the time?  What would it be like to have extra money at the end of the month?

What do you want your life to look like in a year?  Or in ten years?  Your drawing will trigger another idea, which will trigger another.  Use the colors that you see in your head.  Bright, vivid colors that connect brain-to-eye-to-hand.  Get over your OCD and don’t worry about how good your picture looks.  It’s not about being an artist.  

It’s about, you guessed it, i-Mag-i-nA-tion.


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The Great Bathroom Debate

restroom-signs-unisex“So God created man in His own image,

In the image of God He created him;

Male and female He created them.”  Genesis 1:27


In the opening pages of Scripture, the writer describes the creation of man and woman. We can only imagine the delight that Adam and Eve experienced in the Garden as they discovered their sexuality.  Their oneness created the first family.  The sexual energy of the first man and first woman ensured that the human race would be fruitful and increase in number.


“And God saw all that He had made, and it was very good…”  Genesis 1:31


Throughout history, we see strong leaders that have ruled nations and led armies into battle. We see brilliant leaders who created industries, birthed innovations, and discovered cures for diseases.  These individuals have possessed that inner spark that caused them to aim higher, persist longer, and achieve more than those who simply exist.


Today we live in a world where we are to lay aside critical thinking and accept whatever we are told by a few people in power or in the media. “Political correctness” dictates that we accept viewpoints that are foreign to the fabric of our society. Gender distinctiveness is not only being erased, it’s being scorned.  Little boys no longer play Cowboys and Indians or line up little Army men for battle.  Little girls are encouraged to play rough sports that were once reserved for boys, and young women may enlist for combat duty.


Now even the sanctity of the public restroom is under fire.  Puberty is challenging enough without sharing a school restroom or shower room  with girls who want to be boys or boys who want to be girls.


I shake my head in disbelief. 


It seems to me that universal principles cannot be undone.  We cannot change universal laws, even if we rename them.  After all, we live by the law of gravity, whether we want to or not.  


May our little boys grow up to be men of strength and character, who protect and cherish their families.  May they experience the emotional energy that comes from a loving relationship with their beloved.


May our little girls grow up to be beautiful women of strength and dignity, who will nurture and care for their babies.  May our daughters experience the emotional energy that comes from being loved by a husband who adores her.


Old fashioned?  Maybe.  But there are some eternal principles that are perfect just the way they are.

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Bubblegum in My Hair

f5a547bc6b93473d8a7d1754f7eb6ce5_dubblebubble5lbc1Our black and white border collie, Heidi, loved to raid the bathroom trash can.  It wasn’t uncommon for her to snatch a Kleenex from the trash and hide it somewhere in the house. While I was at work, she would sneak into our bedroom and snuggle up in our bed pillows. The rumpled bedding gave her away every time.

One workday morning I woke up, drank a cup of coffee, read my devotions, and followed my normal routine. Then I went in the bathroom, stepped into the shower, and started washing my hair.


What in the world???


Yuck! It felt like a glob of glue was stuck in the crown of my hair. I nearly broke my neck trying to look at the back of my head with a hand mirror while looking into the vanity mirror.


There it was.  A sticky glump of pink bubblegum.  Apparently, Heidi had found her sticky treasure in the bathroom trash, carried it into my bed, and buried it in the pillows.  During the night, it had found its way into my hair and glued itself to my scalp.


And I was completely unaware of it.


I made an SOS call to one of our preschool teachers, who had been a hairdresser.


She laughed and said,


“Bring some peanut butter with you and I’ll fix it.”


Soon I was sitting in my office with a towel draped around my shoulders. Robin removed the pink glob with peanut butter and tweezers.  It was painstaking work, but before long I was free of the tangled mess.


Knowing the Formula for being de-tangled from that mess made the difference.


Negative Emotions (Bubblegum) show up in the most unexpected places.  We can go for years walking around with them, completely oblivious to their presence.  They become our Normal because they are so deeply rooted in our Subconscious Mind.


“You will never be successful at Network Marketing.”   (That’s a lie.)
“You’re always gonna be broke.”  (That’s a lie.)
“You aren’t smart enough, bold enough, skinny enough, or young enough.” (More lies.)


With the right Formula (Self-Talk, Eliminating Negativity, Feeding the Subconscious with Good Info, and Continual Connection to a Mentor and Mastermind), the Negative LIES that stick like bubblegum to our Subconscious Minds can be vanquished.


Fellow Adventurer, it takes Courage and Vulnerability to take a closer look at things that have seemed Normal.  *Press Pause* for a moment and look in the mirror.


Two of the STRONGEST Subconscious Programs, the Need to Be Right and the Need to Look Good, become hot sticky messes when we hold fast to them.


So…Where are these showing up in your life?


As for me, I’m grabbing a jar of Peanut Butter and some tweezers and getting to work.

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Magic Formula for Success–Stay Clear of the 3 C’s

There are two kinds of people. Those who live in the 3 C’s and those who don’t.


People who live in the 3 C’s are usually pretty miserable folks. They constantly look at life from a negative lens.


Even if you don’t camp out in the 3 C’s 24/7, it’s easy to occasionally slip into the dark, murky world of the 3 C’s without even realizing it. If you want to be a true Winner in your Business and at Life, you must stay clear of these poisonous attitudes. Not only will they damage the relationships around you, but in time, they will suck their marrow from your bones. The 3 C’s make us sick, both emotionally and physically.



Synonyms—Reproachful, accusing, critical, reproving.

Antonyms—Commend, praise, speak well of, acclaim, extol, laud, mention.



Synonyms—bad tempered, irritable, crabby, argumentative, difficult, unreasonable, belligerent, cranky, grouchy, grumpy, disagreeable.

Antonyms—Good natured, friendliness, amicability, sociability, cordiality, agreeableness, good humor, kindness.



Synonyms—disapprove of, condemn, censure, pass judgment on.

Antonym—praise, admire, comment, extol, honor, congratulate, pay tribute to, applaud, acclaim.


Many of us have a strongly entrenched program at our core to “be right.”  When we Condemn, Complain, and Criticize…even in a small measure…we think we are proving to ourselves and to others that we ARE RIGHT and that we know best. It basically stems from our own low self-esteem.


However, that need to justify our judgment sets us up to live a pretty miserable life. It’s certainly no way to create healthy lifelong relationships in our families and businesses. After all, who wants to be around people that are constantly living in the 3 C’s?


The Magic Formula for Success is to intentionally focus on the Positive. Look at the antonyms for each of the 3 C’s. By practicing those affirming words in our daily lives, we shift our thought patterns,


Here’s a challenge:  For the next 7 days, put a $1 bill into a jar every time you say something that is Condemning, Complaining, or Criticizing.  Don’t cheat!  This is not only a great Reality Check, but it will empower you to live a Positive, Prosperous and Healthy life.


To Your Success,

Margi Starr


Hey, It’s Noisy in Here

Ever thought about the noise in your life?

In today’s world we are surrounded with noise.  We awaken to the jolting sound of an alarm. We have our iPods, our iPhones, our iThis and our iThat. We even sleep with white noise in the background.

We’ve become addicted to noise. It’s unsettling to be in a quiet place wherein the loudest sound is your own breathing.

Constant noise can dull our senses.  It can prevent us from hearing the still small voice within us—that inner voice that is able to give direction and correction when we most need it.

In our noise polluted world, it’s easy to lose our focus.  Our true desires are drowned out by the noisy sounds all around us. We become tired and agitated if the noise is unceasing.

Yet, we do not live in a vacuum. Even if we go live in the woods like Thoreau, we are going to be surrounded by some noise.

We’ve all been in restaurants where the background music was too loud making it impossible to carry on a conversation.  Yet, if background music is a reasonable volume, by focusing on the other person, the background noise disappears.

If we want to build a business, it’s definitely going to require Focus. That means there must be awareness as to the level of noise in your life.  When you’re Laser Focused, you may be able to withstand some noise and still remain on course. Only you can decide how much noise is too much.

When you are seeking to hear the still small voice of God, here are some things that will help.

  • Spend time daily in quiet. Maybe you’ll have to go sit in your car alone or lock yourself in the bathroom.  Spending time in nature, without technology, brings fresh perspective and renewed energy.
  • Be prepared for System Shock. It’s not natural for us to experience total quiet. Start out with 5 minutes (it’ll seem like forever) and gradually increase it.
  • Start out reading something that inspires you. For me that would be Scripture or maybe the words to a favorite hymn. Then allow your mind to go into neutral. Think of it as a little vacation from noise. Just be in the moment and don’t over-analyze. Just be in a receiving state.
  • Stop talking. (You’re kidding, right?) Start listening. Listening without an agenda is a great skill to master. If you’re really serious about having less noise in your life, start listening more and talking less.
  • Expect amazing ideas to come to you when you least expect it. These ideas may or may not come to you during your quiet time.

Creating a Noise Free space in your life daily plugs you into God’s indescribable power and love. You now have access to wisdom and resources beyond what you can see.

To your success,

Margi Starr

A mentor with a servant’s heart


You Have What You Want: A Lesson on Competing Commitments

“You have what you want!”

How’s that statement make you feel?

Defensive?  Irritated?  Maybe even angry?

I remember hearing about Competing Commitments in one of my Personal Development seminars.  At the time it seemed vague and not too applicable to my life.

Boy, was I wrong!

Here’s what I’ve learned from my personal experience and from coaching others. Maybe it will help you understand WHY the statement “You have what you want” holds a lot of truth.

Before I get started, here’s a disclaimer. I am not talking about things that are completely beyond our control….such as a grandchild that’s been diagnosed with terminal cancer, or an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  I’m talking about the countless number of things in our life that we SAY we want, yet we have a higher commitment to something else.

Here’s an example.

I want to release 10 lbs. I’ve wanted to do this for over a year. I tell myself that I am committed to it!  However, I have a Competing Commitment that enjoys comfort food!

Here’s another example.

Mary says that she wants to retire within the next year. She’s committed to getting her finances in order so that she can live on her retirement paycheck.  However, Mary also likes to buy new things. Lots of new things.  You see, her Competing Commitment is that she loves to spend money and she loves new clothes more than she loves to save money or readjust her priorities.

One more example.

Ben says that he wants to do an online business. He says that he’s very committed to spending 10 hrs per week learning about how to do marketing online. He’s committed to being on calls, writing articles, and getting his business off to a good start. BUT he is also committed to coaching Little League, playing golf 2 times a week, and helping with Relay for Life.  Ben says he’s extremely committed to his online business…but his actions speak differently. What he’s REALLY committed to…his comfort zone, staying busy, being valued for his contribution…obviously interferes with what he says he wants…an online business.  Building his online business would ultimately give him the time and financial freedom he says he wants more than anything.

Once we are aware of the concept of Competing Commitments, we begin to understand that we really do have what we want.  It’s easier to go with immediate gratification or to stay within our comfort zone, than it is to say “no” to things we enjoy.

To stay true to the Commitments that will move you closer to  your Dreams:

  1. Recommit to your dream.  Ask yourself, “What do I really want?”
  2. Post your commitment. Write it out and post it near your computer or do a Vision Board.
  3. Decide what you are willing to surrender to achieve that commitment. Be realistic. What activities are you going to have to change? Remember, you have to be able to live with those changes.
  4. Find a Mentor or a Coach. This is someone who will come alongside you and help you stay true to your desires. Perhaps you need skills that will help you be successful or accountability. A good Mentor/Coach will help you break down your goal into attainable steps.

Competing Commitments will continually jump out of the bushes and attempt to derail you. When you get off course, push ‘em back into the bushes, and keep moving forward!

Remember, you have what you really want.

A mentor with a servant’s heart,

Margi Starr

Are You in the 3 R’s?

In one of my personal development seminars, we had a highly successful businessman in the class.  Max didn’t enroll in our personal development class to further his business; he was there to save his marriage. He shared with me that although he was worth millions because of the financial empire he’d created, his wife was ready to kick him out. He came to the personal development seminar in hopes of avoiding a divorce.

I’m sure most of us know someone who has achieved financial success, yet their personal lives are a mess.

The real Key to achieving quality in our lives is the ability to create positive, lasting relationships. Only then are we really able to Win at Life.

Destructive Thoughts are powerful. They PREVENT us from having successful professional and personal relationships.

Destructive Thoughts break down communication, fracture families, and cause physical illness. These thoughts are like the black oil gushing from the broken pipe line in the Gulf. They suck the life out of everything in its path.

So why are we even discussing destructive thought patterns?  Because we think this way!

These patterns are formed when we are very young and become deeply ingrained in us.  You might think of them as our Default thinking program.

The 1st of the 3 destructive thought patterns is RESENTMENT.

1) Resentment is any negative emotional reaction to what we think has been said or done.

  • It shows up as anger, frustration, sadness, jealousy, and hate.

What happens when someone cuts you off in traffic or your teenager talks back to you? What do you feel when someone you love dies at the hands of a drunk driver?

When I harbor Resentment, I’m exhausted, my health will eventually suffer, and my aliveness is displaced. Resentment feeds on my life energy, even when my resentment is justified.

These feelings are a natural part of life, unless we are completely numb to emotions or dead.  Yet the way we handle resentment can turn our life around,

Now for the 2nd Destructive Thinking Pattern.  The 2nd R!

Let’s do a little visual exercise. Pretend for a moment that you have both of your hands up in front of you.  A person stands facing you with their palms placed against yours.  Are you with me?

Now the person facing you begins pressing against your palms. You feel the pressure of their hands, their forearms….  WHAT DO YOU DO?

Well, most of us would say, “I’d push ‘em back!”  That’s what we do naturally.

Similarly, when someone comes against us emotionally, and we feel threatened, we PUSH BACK.

2)   Resistance is the cutting off of communication or putting up a wall.

Basically, it’s when we shut down. It can happen in a blink of an eye.

Ladies, what if someone told you that you looked sickly in your new beautiful green outfit?  What’s your immediately response?  Many of us would stop talking to that person. “Who does she think she is, anyway!”  You know, give ‘em the silent treatment! We’ll go to great lengths to avoid Ms. Fashion Critique.

Think of when someone makes fun of your business. They say, “That’s a scam.” No matter what you say to them, they belittle you.

Do you go into resistance by avoiding Mr. Know-It-All or would you push back with attitude? You know that hot-under-the-collar type of attitude.

RESISTANCE shows up when we have a problem at home and we bury ourselves in our work to avoid dealing with it.

OR we watch hours of mindless TV so we don’t have to have those difficult conversations.

Did you realize that even Confusion can be a sign of resistance?  It shows up when we want to avoid making a decision.

The cost of Resistance is a lack of intimacy, problems are not resolved, and we live a life of isolation.

So here’s the question:  Where are you in RESISTANCE in your life?

The third Destructive Thought Pattern is REVENGE.
3)      Revenge is the ATTEMPT to get even or to settle the score.

Sounds rather ominous, doesn’t it? Like something out of a movie about a love triangle.

Deep down we’re saying, “I’ll show them.” We withhold love and affection. We spread negative gossip. We undermine. We sabotage.

REVENGE is acted out in businesses across our nation as employees commit theft and fraud. What about all those company ink pens and highlighters that end up in your desk at home? That’s employee theft.

Subtle acts of revenge may be excessive eating, or withholding my love. Even giving up on my dreams or not supporting someone else’s dreams, can be Revenge.

The 3 R’s are self-destructive. You may not notice any consequence at first, but they definitely have a high cost. They hurt YOU.

So, here are some QUESTIONS.

  • Who or what are you resisting?
  • What resentment do you carry with you on a daily basis?
  • Where are you trying to get even?
  • How much energy are you putting into self-destructive actions?

We don’t change our behaviors until we see the high cost or price of our behavior. Most of the time, we simply remain in denial. We avoid looking deep within because it hurts to accept it. However, by acknowledging the places in our lives where we are in the 3 R’s, we can begin to reduce or eliminate it from our lives.

One of the greatest helps to avoiding being sucked down under by the 3 R’s is to live a life of GIVING. Be an outrageous giver of your love, your time, your energy, and your money. Will this fix every relationship?  Probably not. But your investment will reap huge rewards.

Want to win at LIFE? Stay out of the 3 R’s.

Concepts from “If How-To’s Were Enough We Would All Be SKINNY, RICH & HAPPY” by Brian Klemmer.

Your friend for life,

Margi Starr

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Conquering Your Mt. Everest

Most of us are familiar with Mt. Everest, the world’s highest mountain peak, in Katmandu, Nepal. In 2001, two Americans reached the Everest summit. Sherman Bull, a 64-year-old physician from Connecticut, was the oldest climber to ever summit Mt. Everest. The other climber was Erik Weihenmayer, 32 years old, of Golden, Colorado. He was the first blind man to conquer the 29,035-foot peak.

Within each of us, there are obstacles that can seem as challenging as climbing Mt. Everest. Perhaps it is the need for more education to be able to seize that company promotion. Or perhaps it is to develop the relationship skills necessary to get along with the people we work with…or live with.

For many of us, our Mt. Everest is FEAR. Fear can paralyze us from being open to new opportunities of personal growth. As human beings, we resist the process of change. This condition of equilibrium, called homeostasis, is difficult to overcome. Even when we are miserable in a situation, we’ll work hard to keep things the same, simply to avoid change. However, just as a rocket ship can break through the atmospheric barrier, we too, can escape from those things that hold us back. In doing so, we experience tremendous personal and professional growth.

Perhaps it is time to take a thoughtful look at the Mt. Everest’s in your life. No matter if you are old or blind, when your intention is clear, the mechanisms will appear. There are ways to reach the summit no matter how great the obstacles…or the fear. What is holding you back from discovering ALL God has for you?

Are you ready? Let the following ideas get you started up that mountainside:

1.  Identify the Abundant Thinkers in your network of relationships. Intentionally build relationships with people, who like you, want to achieve their dreams. Synergy is created when like-minded people put their heads together!

2. Find an Accountability Buddy. This is someone who will hold you accountable to the daily/weekly activities that will cause you to stretch and grow. A good Accountability Buddy will not allow your excuses to derail you from your dreams.

3. Find a Coach or a Mentor. Take advantage of someone who can help you identify Who You Are, What You Want, and your Mt. Everest. A Coach or Mentor can help you devise an Action Plan that will move you out of your comfort zone into the land of possibilities!

It is said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results. Insanity can look a lot of different ways, but it certainly cowering to FEAR, which then keeps us stuck from moving forward. Perhaps it’s time to explore who you are, what you want, and to overcome your Mt. Everest. You are worth it!

Your Success Mentor,
Margi Starr


Thoughts from Pensacola Beach

Yesterday I walked barefooted on the sugar-white sandy beaches of Pensacola, Florida.

I have wonderful memories there playing in the sand and sun with family. The gulf breezes, the colorful T-shirt shops, and the tasty fish sandwiches at Flounders awaken my senses. I love this place.

And yet offshore, there lurks a monster that threatens the way of life for this vacation wonderland.

Millions of barrels of oil are spewing from a broken pipe line miles away. As the clock ticks, the black monster is silently making its way to the sugar-white beaches. Sometimes it teases by slowing down its journey and slightly shifts its path.

But despite the efforts of man, the tentacles of this fearful enemy, continues on its course of destruction.

As I stood on the beach looking out at the horizon, I felt helpless. Like a mouse standing before a giant elephant, I am defenseless against this black oily monster.

I can’t control the devastation that this will cause.

Each day I am faced with things that distract me. Oil spills are just one of them.

I wake up to the news of a loved one stricken with cancer… Or a young family breaking apart… Or the stock market plummeting.

There are lots of oil spills around me. They just look different.

The one thing, however, that I CAN control is ME.  My focus, my thoughts, my attitudes.

I have the CHOICE to focus on that which is horrible or that which is wonderful.

I look at the horizon and see the sun still rising in the east. I believe in faith, hope, and love.

I control what things consume my mind, heart, and energy.

Whatever I am THINKING…is what I ATTRACT…and is what I BECOME.

To your success,