The Great Bathroom Debate

restroom-signs-unisex“So God created man in His own image,

In the image of God He created him;

Male and female He created them.”  Genesis 1:27


In the opening pages of Scripture, the writer describes the creation of man and woman. We can only imagine the delight that Adam and Eve experienced in the Garden as they discovered their sexuality.  Their oneness created the first family.  The sexual energy of the first man and first woman ensured that the human race would be fruitful and increase in number.


“And God saw all that He had made, and it was very good…”  Genesis 1:31


Throughout history, we see strong leaders that have ruled nations and led armies into battle. We see brilliant leaders who created industries, birthed innovations, and discovered cures for diseases.  These individuals have possessed that inner spark that caused them to aim higher, persist longer, and achieve more than those who simply exist.


Today we live in a world where we are to lay aside critical thinking and accept whatever we are told by a few people in power or in the media. “Political correctness” dictates that we accept viewpoints that are foreign to the fabric of our society. Gender distinctiveness is not only being erased, it’s being scorned.  Little boys no longer play Cowboys and Indians or line up little Army men for battle.  Little girls are encouraged to play rough sports that were once reserved for boys, and young women may enlist for combat duty.


Now even the sanctity of the public restroom is under fire.  Puberty is challenging enough without sharing a school restroom or shower room  with girls who want to be boys or boys who want to be girls.


I shake my head in disbelief. 


It seems to me that universal principles cannot be undone.  We cannot change universal laws, even if we rename them.  After all, we live by the law of gravity, whether we want to or not.  


May our little boys grow up to be men of strength and character, who protect and cherish their families.  May they experience the emotional energy that comes from a loving relationship with their beloved.


May our little girls grow up to be beautiful women of strength and dignity, who will nurture and care for their babies.  May our daughters experience the emotional energy that comes from being loved by a husband who adores her.


Old fashioned?  Maybe.  But there are some eternal principles that are perfect just the way they are.

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Bubblegum in My Hair

f5a547bc6b93473d8a7d1754f7eb6ce5_dubblebubble5lbc1Our black and white border collie, Heidi, loved to raid the bathroom trash can.  It wasn’t uncommon for her to snatch a Kleenex from the trash and hide it somewhere in the house. While I was at work, she would sneak into our bedroom and snuggle up in our bed pillows. The rumpled bedding gave her away every time.

One workday morning I woke up, drank a cup of coffee, read my devotions, and followed my normal routine. Then I went in the bathroom, stepped into the shower, and started washing my hair.


What in the world???


Yuck! It felt like a glob of glue was stuck in the crown of my hair. I nearly broke my neck trying to look at the back of my head with a hand mirror while looking into the vanity mirror.


There it was.  A sticky glump of pink bubblegum.  Apparently, Heidi had found her sticky treasure in the bathroom trash, carried it into my bed, and buried it in the pillows.  During the night, it had found its way into my hair and glued itself to my scalp.


And I was completely unaware of it.


I made an SOS call to one of our preschool teachers, who had been a hairdresser.


She laughed and said,


“Bring some peanut butter with you and I’ll fix it.”


Soon I was sitting in my office with a towel draped around my shoulders. Robin removed the pink glob with peanut butter and tweezers.  It was painstaking work, but before long I was free of the tangled mess.


Knowing the Formula for being de-tangled from that mess made the difference.


Negative Emotions (Bubblegum) show up in the most unexpected places.  We can go for years walking around with them, completely oblivious to their presence.  They become our Normal because they are so deeply rooted in our Subconscious Mind.


“You will never be successful at Network Marketing.”   (That’s a lie.)
“You’re always gonna be broke.”  (That’s a lie.)
“You aren’t smart enough, bold enough, skinny enough, or young enough.” (More lies.)


With the right Formula (Self-Talk, Eliminating Negativity, Feeding the Subconscious with Good Info, and Continual Connection to a Mentor and Mastermind), the Negative LIES that stick like bubblegum to our Subconscious Minds can be vanquished.


Fellow Adventurer, it takes Courage and Vulnerability to take a closer look at things that have seemed Normal.  *Press Pause* for a moment and look in the mirror.


Two of the STRONGEST Subconscious Programs, the Need to Be Right and the Need to Look Good, become hot sticky messes when we hold fast to them.


So…Where are these showing up in your life?


As for me, I’m grabbing a jar of Peanut Butter and some tweezers and getting to work.

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Being Free of the 3 Dark Figures in Trench Coats

Music in a minor key starts to play and the shadows lengthen. As my eyes adjust to the darkness, I see three figures dressed in trench coats. Although barely visible in the foggy mist, their identities are unmistakable.

These dark characters hide in the shadows like vampires. Sometimes I’m not even aware of their presence, but they are there…waiting to steal my thoughts and suck my blood. They look for advantageous moments when my thoughts spiral into negativity.

Their names are Indecision, Doubt, and Fear.

They clearly are the enemies of my soul, attempting to steal my birthright.

These three are mere Cowards, preying on my emotions. They try to convince me that I am undeserving of a better life. Their voices trick me into sometimes believing them.

When I’m lazy and let down my guard, Indecision, Doubt, and Fear creep subtly into my mind, unleashing six basic fears: Poverty, Criticism, Ill Health, Loss of love, Old Age, and Death.

Each one of Fears is birthed in my mind. Within minutes I actually have a physical reaction to the chemicals being released in my brain. Nausea, dry heaves, and cold sweats become debilitating. There have been times when my bed has become my sanctuary as I’ve tried to hide from Fear.

Ever since beginning this amazing journey of Personal Growth, I’ve been learning the weapons of warfare against them.

Just as my innermost Thoughts can allow these dark enemies into my life and prevent my attainment of wealth, my Thoughts can also LOCK them out.

The secret for me is to daily surrender to God’s presence in my life. This means that I speak words of Power and Love into MY own life. The vibrational energy that is created from these Positive Thoughts eventually wrecks havoc with the negative thoughts. The negative forces are losing their grip in my life.

Love is after all, the most Positive force in the entire universe. Because I am God’s Child, I have the right to live out my purpose with joy and abandonment.

The Light in my life is turned ON. The shadows are lifted. The mysterious figures in trench coats are leaving me alone.

I am free because I have learned to guard my mind.

Margi Starr
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LIVE from Radio Station KMSS–The Power of Your Thoughts

“Good Afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen…

You’ve just dialed into Radio Station KMSS broadcasting live from Central Ohio, USA. We have a special program for our listeners today. Many of you are reading Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Today we’ll be explaining some of the concepts from Chapter 13—The Brain.

We hope you enjoy this special edition of our Radio Programming. Be mindful that we are not here for entertainment alone, but rather to help you achieve your Magnificent Goals and Multi-Million Dollar Dreams.”

I have an old Sony radio that requires great patience to tune into my favorite station. Its single antenna must be adjusted carefully before the channel I desire comes in clearly. Usually I have to move it ever so slightly several times before the static disappears and the reception is crystal clear.

I absolutely love it when my radio is tuned perfectly into Station KMSS.

When I have filled my Subconscious Mind with Positive Thoughts, the air waves at Radio Station KMSS become fully alive. The neurons in my Station wake up and begin SENDING forth electrical vibrations to all the other neurons.

It’s like having a Send-Off Party for all the neurons in my Brain.

My very own Radio Station is actually SENDING out a signal so powerful that it can leap from the confines of my brain and move mountains.

After all, Thoughts are Things.

As Station KMSS is increasing its “frequency,” another part of the Incredible System is beginning to awaken.

The RECEIVING signal for Station WMSS is stored in the Creative Imagination part of my brain. As I open myself up to God’s Infinite Intelligence, the circuits begin to flow back and forth between the SENDING and RECEIVING sections of my amazing Radio Station.

Back and forth. Back and forth. Neurons firing at the speed of light.

It’s like having a Fourth of July Fireworks going on inside my Brain.

Just as I control the radio dial on my Sony radio, I control what’s going on in my Mind through the means of Autosuggestion. I give the marching orders; no one else can do this for me. However, because my Subconscious Mind must obey even the slightest command from Autosuggestion, it’s important to make sure I am giving it the right directions.

They say we have what we really want—so I must make sure that my Desire is white-hot—because that’s the fuel for the effective Transmission. Nothing less than white hot Desire will bring about those Multi-Million Dollar Dreams.

“Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen, for dialing into Station KMSS this afternoon. A very special thanks to our Master Mind partners for making this program possible.”

This is Margi Shultz Starr, Broadcasting from Station KMSS…”

Think and Grow Rich Chap 2: DESIRE

Chapter 2: Desire

The Starting Point of All Achievement: The First Step toward Riches.

If you’ve ever been to a track meet, you’ve seen a runner preparing for his big race. The runner warms up his muscles by stretching, jumping up and down, and even flinging his arms. As the beginning of the race nears, he moves to the starting block and crouches down into position, all senses at full attention.

The Desire to win the race fuels every cell of his being.

His entire life has pointed to this moment. The Desire is now white hot as he focuses on the goal. This is his moment.  This is why he was born.

When I was a little girl, I used to look up at a star-filled sky and make wishes. I earnestly recited, “…Wish I may, wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight.”

But by the time I had gone into the house, the Wish was gone from my mind….because it was merely a Wish…and not Desire.

My quest for financial riches is no longer just a wish.

My feet are in the starting block…my senses are fully engaged, my focus is singular. My Desire is white hot.

I hear the starter’s gun explode in the air. Watch me run!

Margi Starr (Margi Shultz Starr on Facebook)

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Think and Grow Rich, Chap 12–The Unconscious Mind

This chapter is one of my favorites because it explains the mystery of the Subconscious Mind.

The Subconscious Mind is the connecting link between the Conscious Mind & God.  It miraculously takes what is the Subconscious Mind and changes it into the spiritual equivalent. In other words, it’s the part of our minds wherein our thoughts are translated into prayer.

What is fascinating is that the Subconscious Mind doesn’t know if something is real or simply imagined. Since our minds think in pictures, we can create visual images (visualizations) of what we desire…and our Subconscious Mind thinks it is already true!

The key ingredient that activates the Subconscious Mind is EMOTION.  When that thought or desire is charged with Emotion, it becomes magnetized. Playing with magnets in Science Class was fun, but when you consider that you can magnetize your thoughts or desires with emotions to get what you want… This is a life-changer!

Since it is the Emotions that takes what is passive and supercharges it into action, it’s crucial to pick the right Emotion   Like attracts like, so if you want Positive outcomes, you must have Positive Emotions.

A true confession…Yesterday there was a situation in my life that made me angry. Not just a little angry—but really angry. You see, I’m often guilty of keeping things bottled up instead of dealing with them. Even though my anger was justifiable, I’m disappointed that I let it consume me for a few moments before I was able to reign it back in.  Although I took a step backward yesterday, today is a new day.  I commit to being more honest and not allow negative emotions to control me.

It is only in tapping into Positive emotions that will move me forward in my quest for Financial Freedom.

Margi Starr


Think & Grow Rich, Chap 13–The Brain

I remember as a small child sitting in front of our television early in the morning. I’d be staring at the Indian Head Test Pattern and anticipating the beginning of my favorite TV show. At the top of the hour squiggly lines would cross the picture tube and there was Captain Kangaroo with Mr. Green Jeans.

Rabbit ear antenna on top of the TV received the program from the broadcasting station. I learned that by gently moving the rabbit ears around, the picture would come in clearer.

Such is our human brain.

God has designed our brain to be the most fascinating broadcasting and receiving system imaginable. True, brain cells are firing at the speed of light creating amazing pathways of learning. But consider that the brain is emitting Vibrations far beyond the limitations of bone and marrow.

This is an even greater mystery.

How is it possible that these vibrations can be transmitted through space just as rabbit ear antenna were able to connect me with Captain Kangaroo?

The physiology of all this is not as important to me as simply realizing that it works.  I am content to let the scientists discover the biology of the brain with their CT’s and MRI’s.  All I need to know is HOW to take advantage of my brain’s ability to receive brilliant ideas.

After all, I don’t have a clue as to how the internet works, but I enjoy its benefits every day.

What I understand from this chapter is that there is incredible POWER when like minds come together. When we Master Mind with positively charged individuals, we no longer are bound by physical limitations or even what seems logical.

I no longer am staring at my TV waiting for my favorite show to begin. Instead, I am connected daily to fabulous people who, like me, are laser focused on improving their lives.

Scripture says, “Come, let us reason together.”  Sounds like a good idea to me.

Margi Starr


Think & Grow Rich: Chap. 9–Recipe for Persistence

As a young girl I remember my mother’s training on Persistence. She made it clear that I was never to be a “Quitter.” It simply was not an option to stop going to my dance classes or music lessons mid-year. Perseverance was a character trait that was drilled into me.

Napoleon Hill gives the Recipe for increasing Persistence in our lives in Chapter 9 of Think and Grow Rich.

  1. A definite Purpose backed by desire.
  2. A definite Plan of Action expressed in Continuous Action.
  3. A Positive Mindset that is not swayed by negativity, criticism, or discouraging influences.
  4. A positive alliance with one or more Persons who will encourage me in my purpose and plan.

A Definite Purpose…

  • Your Purpose can be a sweeping statement, such as “My purpose is to have financial freedom,” OR it can be something more concrete such as “My purpose is to create the income to pay for college for my kids.”
  • Choose the type of Purpose that will keep you laser focused.
  • My own Purpose is posted near my computer. I have a Life Purpose (which is broad in its scope) as well as a Purpose for My Business (which is more definitive). They really are one and the same, but by listing them separately, it helps me “see” them more clearly.
  • My Life Purpose: To help others Discover their Purpose, Infuse them with Hope and Empower them to Change their World.
  • My Purpose for my Business: To be able to purchase plane tickets whenever I want to visit my children & grandchildren all over this country.

A Definite Plan

  • Are you building your business by talking individually to each person OR primarily through social media?
  • What training do you need?
  • How many articles do you want to write each week?
  • How many calls do you want to make each week?
  • How many ads do you want to post and how frequently?

A Positive Mindset…

  • We are bombarded with negative influences. What can you do to minimize the influence of negative, critical, or discouraging influences?

A Positive Alliance…

  • Are you currently in a Master Mind group? If not, join one!
  • Are you receiving continual support from abundant thinking people?

To Your Success,

Margi Starr

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Think & Grow Rich, Chapter 7–Let Freedom Ring!

While we will soon be celebrating America’s Independence Day with fireworks and parades, Chapter 7 of Think and Grow Rich helps us understand an integral part of our nation’s freedoms. The title of this chapter is “Organized Planning.”  Personally, I think a more fitting title would be “Let Freedom Ring!”

I certainly value my freedom of speech, my freedom to worship, my freedom to choose where to live, and my freedom to choose my own husband. Many around the world are not as fortunate.

Not only did our American forefathers declare freedom from tyranny, they bestowed upon us a Philosophy that would allow us the freedom to accumulate unlimited riches.

America is a Capitalistic society. Because of this, the greatest minds of our country have taken their specialized knowledge to great levels, which have benefited all of us, especially those of us in network marketing!  Compensation plans wouldn’t have the same meaning and attraction to us with this freedom.

Napoleon Hill calls free enterprise the “Capital Cornerstone of Our Lives.” That’s a sweeping statement, but it makes sense that without the ability to amass wealth, our growth as a society would have been stunted. We probably would not be enjoying our morning cup of Starbucks or be sitting at a computer equipped with Microsoft Office.  The driving force between much of the innovation in our country has been the desire for a better life.

It is interesting to note that when this book was written, the whole idea of “capitalism” was under attack. All you have to do is turn on the news today, and you see that it is STILL under attack.

One of my family’s traditions every year has been to watch a “Capitol Fourth” from the steps of  the United States Capital building.  After reading this chapter, I realize that we really are celebrating “Capital-ism,” one of the underlying freedoms of our nation.

Let Freedom Ring!

Margi Starr

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Chapter 3–Faith

In Chapter 3 of Think and Grow Rich, the author gives the RECIPE for transforming a life of despair into a life of power. It is no accident that this is Chapter 3.

The Universe’s foundation is evidenced in 3’s:

  • the Father, Son, & Spirit;
  • animal, vegetable, mineral;
  • past, present, and future;
  • three lines are necessary to form a triangle;
  • And three dimensions are necessary to make a solid.

The 3 powerful emotions of faith, love, and sexuality, when blended together, become like a laser cutting through a cancerous tumor.  The extraordinary energy created by these 3 emotions together can penetrate through the subconscious mind, obliterating deep rooted strongholds that keep one in poverty.

The wise individual uses this Recipe to their advantage.  One can choose to allow negative thinking to pull other negativity into his life…

OR one can allow the natural positive vibrations of Faith, Love, and Sex to act as a giant magnet, drawing into his life that which is positive, purposeful, and powerful.

The power of FAITH is evidenced throughout the Scriptures. It is what made blind men see and the deaf to hear. It is what allowed men and woman throughout the ages to stand true when threatened by the mouths of lions.

FAITH spoken over and over again washes the brain of its default negativity just as mud is washed from a dirty cloth.  By intentionally feeding the mind with FAITH, even when it may still be unseen, the Recipe for success is nourished and will eventually bear its fruit.

To Your Success,

Margi Starr