Jazz Up Your Facebook Profile

IMG_3607Before we start talking about Facebook Profiles, let’s go to that new bookstore around the corner.   Notice that in this bookstore, all the covers of the books face out towards you.  Now while I get a cappuccino, I want you to scan through the gazillion covers in here and decide which books you want to read.  You’ll only have a few split seconds to make your decisions. Ready, set, go!


Now that you have your books, and I have my cappuccino,  what made you grab certain ones off the shelf first?  The title?  The author’s smile? The information?


If you’re building a business using Facebook, you want people looking at your Book Cover, otherwise known as your Profile Page.  In a nano second people will make a decision about you. When we first join our companies, we usually add some business foo foo and some dazzling pictures.  Then we get busy, our information becomes outdated, and it’s a hot mess.


Today there are over 1.4 billion people on Facebook.  Despite its competition with other social media giants, Facebook is still the biggest player in the social media world. It’s still the best way for people to connect with one another.  By the way, Facebook was created to connect family and friends.  So it makes sense to create Profile Pages that will help people get to know us for the wonderful people that we are! Quickly!


So here are the questions we must continually ask:

  • Is my Profile authentic?
  • Is it current?
  • Is it giving a good first impression?


Your Profile Page is after all, your brand, and if we are network marketers, then our brand is important. It’s really a big deal!  It makes all the difference between whether someone sends you a Friend Request or merrily scrolls right on by.


Profile Picture

  • Headshot or head & shoulders. Nice smile.  Good lighting.  Contrasting background. Straight on shot tend to look like a prison mug shot.
  • Use a current picture, not one from 20 yrs ago. If you go missing, would we be able to recognize you from your Profile picture?
  • Speaking of photos, become a good photographer! There are tons of How-To’s on YouTube (ex. Peter Hurley’s “It’s All About the Squinch.”) Download a few photo editors like Aviary or PicTapGo and make your pictures “pop.” No excuses! I use my phone more for a photo editor and social media than anything else.


Timeline Picture

  • This is the Main Part of the cover of your book. Show your passion!
  • Not everything works well as a Timeline picture. Find one that works.
  • Avoid using a stock company picture. Everybody has those!
  • Add text with a photo editor.   Be creative.
  • Check how it looks on the page. Is it centered?  Fuzzy?



  • How much info do you need to share? Sometimes, less is more. A little mystery is okay.
  • Look at your companies top income earners.
  • Note the lines where you can tell WHO you are… Edit it on your phone and add emojis! You can add your URL here even though it is not clickable.
  • Mine currently says:

Jesus Girl – Happy Wife – Guacamole – Ambassador of Hope – INSTAGRAM@TheMargiStarr

  • I’ve reviewed tons of Bios with way outdated information. Consider how everything looks from someone who doesn’t know you. First impressions are powerful!
  • So let’s say your current job is not so glamorous.  How do you word it?  Is there perhaps a better way than to say “Cleaning out cat boxes at the Pet Store?”



  • Gallery Photos: You have FIVE pictures to tell the world who you are! Choose pictures that show various aspects of your life, instead of your business only.
  • Go to your PHOTO section and delete any photos you don’t want. When someone tags you on a picture, it shows up in your PHOTOS.


Now review your Profile carefully.  “Would YOU follow YOU?”  Would YOU pick up YOUR book at the bookstore if it looked like your Profile Page?


One final thought as I finish off this cappucino…


Facebook gives us the opportunity to accelerate our dreams.  Take a few minutes and make sure it reflects the good Friend that you are!

Margi “Shining” Starr





As little girls we Imagine what it would like to be a Fairy Princess dressed in pink.

Cambria's face

Then we grow up and Imagine what it will be like to fall in love and marry our Prince Charming. We hear the strains of the Wedding March and we dream of hearing the music play,

“Here Comes the Bride.”

Then life happens and we Imagine what it will be like to have all our credit cards paid off and kiss our 9-5 job good-bye!

In our search for freedom, we hear how some moms have found a way to make some extra income from home.  We see our first customer signing up, then our first distributor! Our mailbox overflows with checks!

Some days it is easy to Imagine.  Some days we get knocked down a bit and have to work at it.

On those days, take a box of Markers and a big sheet of paper and draw your WHY.  What would it be like to not be tired all the time?  What would it be like to have extra money at the end of the month?

What do you want your life to look like in a year?  Or in ten years?  Your drawing will trigger another idea, which will trigger another.  Use the colors that you see in your head.  Bright, vivid colors that connect brain-to-eye-to-hand.  Get over your OCD and don’t worry about how good your picture looks.  It’s not about being an artist.  

It’s about, you guessed it, i-Mag-i-nA-tion.


PS  I help moms of all ages, who still believe in Fairy Princesses and Big Dreams, to make extra money from home. My company has helped me do just that!  Call/text me right now at 937-360-9203.  Your dreams are waiting!

The Great Bathroom Debate

restroom-signs-unisex“So God created man in His own image,

In the image of God He created him;

Male and female He created them.”  Genesis 1:27


In the opening pages of Scripture, the writer describes the creation of man and woman. We can only imagine the delight that Adam and Eve experienced in the Garden as they discovered their sexuality.  Their oneness created the first family.  The sexual energy of the first man and first woman ensured that the human race would be fruitful and increase in number.


“And God saw all that He had made, and it was very good…”  Genesis 1:31


Throughout history, we see strong leaders that have ruled nations and led armies into battle. We see brilliant leaders who created industries, birthed innovations, and discovered cures for diseases.  These individuals have possessed that inner spark that caused them to aim higher, persist longer, and achieve more than those who simply exist.


Today we live in a world where we are to lay aside critical thinking and accept whatever we are told by a few people in power or in the media. “Political correctness” dictates that we accept viewpoints that are foreign to the fabric of our society. Gender distinctiveness is not only being erased, it’s being scorned.  Little boys no longer play Cowboys and Indians or line up little Army men for battle.  Little girls are encouraged to play rough sports that were once reserved for boys, and young women may enlist for combat duty.


Now even the sanctity of the public restroom is under fire.  Puberty is challenging enough without sharing a school restroom or shower room  with girls who want to be boys or boys who want to be girls.


I shake my head in disbelief. 


It seems to me that universal principles cannot be undone.  We cannot change universal laws, even if we rename them.  After all, we live by the law of gravity, whether we want to or not.  


May our little boys grow up to be men of strength and character, who protect and cherish their families.  May they experience the emotional energy that comes from a loving relationship with their beloved.


May our little girls grow up to be beautiful women of strength and dignity, who will nurture and care for their babies.  May our daughters experience the emotional energy that comes from being loved by a husband who adores her.


Old fashioned?  Maybe.  But there are some eternal principles that are perfect just the way they are.

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Think & Grow Rich: Chap. 9–Recipe for Persistence

As a young girl I remember my mother’s training on Persistence. She made it clear that I was never to be a “Quitter.” It simply was not an option to stop going to my dance classes or music lessons mid-year. Perseverance was a character trait that was drilled into me.

Napoleon Hill gives the Recipe for increasing Persistence in our lives in Chapter 9 of Think and Grow Rich.

  1. A definite Purpose backed by desire.
  2. A definite Plan of Action expressed in Continuous Action.
  3. A Positive Mindset that is not swayed by negativity, criticism, or discouraging influences.
  4. A positive alliance with one or more Persons who will encourage me in my purpose and plan.

A Definite Purpose…

  • Your Purpose can be a sweeping statement, such as “My purpose is to have financial freedom,” OR it can be something more concrete such as “My purpose is to create the income to pay for college for my kids.”
  • Choose the type of Purpose that will keep you laser focused.
  • My own Purpose is posted near my computer. I have a Life Purpose (which is broad in its scope) as well as a Purpose for My Business (which is more definitive). They really are one and the same, but by listing them separately, it helps me “see” them more clearly.
  • My Life Purpose: To help others Discover their Purpose, Infuse them with Hope and Empower them to Change their World.
  • My Purpose for my Business: To be able to purchase plane tickets whenever I want to visit my children & grandchildren all over this country.

A Definite Plan

  • Are you building your business by talking individually to each person OR primarily through social media?
  • What training do you need?
  • How many articles do you want to write each week?
  • How many calls do you want to make each week?
  • How many ads do you want to post and how frequently?

A Positive Mindset…

  • We are bombarded with negative influences. What can you do to minimize the influence of negative, critical, or discouraging influences?

A Positive Alliance…

  • Are you currently in a Master Mind group? If not, join one!
  • Are you receiving continual support from abundant thinking people?

To Your Success,

Margi Starr


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