7 Ways to Become Financially Wealthy

When I was growing up, it was all about going to college and getting a good job. I chose to have a career in education because I liked kids. It was all about the kids and it seemed rather noble to not make much money.

But then mid-life arrived, and it became more about having the financial resources to really improve my life and the lives of others.  I was weary of just making ends meet. In my quest for improved finances, I discovered seven ways to become financially wealthy:

  1. Inherit it
  2. Marry it
  3. Become a Professional Athlete or Hollywood Actor/Actress
  4. Become CEO of a major company
  5. Win the lottery
  6. Own your own company
  7. Leverage your money

At this stage of my life, I can rule out #1, #2 and #3. I’m definitely not going to inherit a huge trust fund, marry a millionaire, or sign on as a professional basketball player. (Only 1 in 160,000 people are ever paid money for sports.)

#4 and #5 probably aren’t in my future. GE and Time-Warner already have their future CEO’s in training. Plus, I’ve been in administration and it certainly comes with its share of headaches. I don’t buy lottery tickets, so I won’t be winning the lottery.

But there’s still #6 and #7.  Now we’re talking. Building a network marketing business combines the benefits of both.  The tax benefits alone for having a home business are real. Add the benefits of having a multi-level compensation plan, and you are positioned for success.

7 Ways to Become Financially Wealthy through Network Marketing

  1. Find a mentor who has experience and success in network marketing.
  2. Do your homework: Find a 5 pillar company. Know your Compensation Plan. Know your Policies & Procedures.
  3. Be self-disciplined. Little actions each day eventually result in big returns.
  4. Be patient. There’s a learning curve. Learning the tools of success takes times.
  5. Stay focused. Distractions can derail and discourage. Get back on track ASAP.
  6. Find a system that will help you find business partners.
  7. Continue to grow as a person through education, personal development. Readers are leaders.

To your success,

Margi Starr


How Step Aerobics is Like Network Marketing

I remember the day when I ventured into a step aerobics class with my two left feet.

People of every age and shape filled the room. Some were in baggy T-shirts and some were in new Nike gym wear.

The music began and I heard the instructor’s words, “Work at your own pace.”

We started by doing some warm up exercises. It was fun imitating all the other people in the room by doing the simple movements designed to get our arms and legs moving in rhythm.

“RIGHT BASIC!” called the instructor. The warm up was over and the pace of the class was accelerating.

“8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1!  Now LEFT BASIC!”

As the class went on I watched the people in the class who had obviously done this many times before. Suddenly my #1 goal was to not to fall flat on my face.

When my body began to fatigue, my brain felt like it was smeared with peanut butter. It was difficult to remember RIGHT and LEFT, let alone do the Samba or Charleston moves.  I had to glue my eyes on the instructor to do the more intricate step movements.

RIGHT-V.  TRAVEL LEFT.  NOW 6 HALF HOPS OVER THE TOP. There were times when I just started laughing because I knew I looked hilarious.

By the end of class I was exhausted, yet I’d managed to make it through to the end without falling flat on my face. Over the next several days I felt muscles that I hadn’t felt in a long time, a reminder of my 60 minutes in the gym.

Several days later when I returned to the gym, I felt like I belonged. A new circle of friends was developing in my life, with similar purpose and passion.

There are similarities between a step class and network marketing.

  • Find a trained, experienced instructor. She’ll know the basic instructions you’ll need to get you started on a path to success.
  • Imitate the leaders. Find out what they do and do the same. You will bring your own personality into it, but stay close to those who are experienced and successful.
  • Laugh! A good sense of humor helps to keep things in perspective. Don’t be afraid to laugh at your own mistakes. Those mistakes will help you move forward.
  • Expect sore muscles. Networking will definitely stretch you mentally and emotionally. As with anything new, learning curves can be a little unsettling at times.
  • The daily routines will eventually feel more natural with repetition. Soon you won’t feel like you have two left feet.
  • Treasure the relationships you build along the way.  Allow yourself the joy of knowing and accepting each one, no matter what their age or their shape…or if they have two left feet.

Your friend for life,

Margi Starr