Bubblegum in My Hair

f5a547bc6b93473d8a7d1754f7eb6ce5_dubblebubble5lbc1Our black and white border collie, Heidi, loved to raid the bathroom trash can.  It wasn’t uncommon for her to snatch a Kleenex from the trash and hide it somewhere in the house. While I was at work, she would sneak into our bedroom and snuggle up in our bed pillows. The rumpled bedding gave her away every time.

One workday morning I woke up, drank a cup of coffee, read my devotions, and followed my normal routine. Then I went in the bathroom, stepped into the shower, and started washing my hair.


What in the world???


Yuck! It felt like a glob of glue was stuck in the crown of my hair. I nearly broke my neck trying to look at the back of my head with a hand mirror while looking into the vanity mirror.


There it was.  A sticky glump of pink bubblegum.  Apparently, Heidi had found her sticky treasure in the bathroom trash, carried it into my bed, and buried it in the pillows.  During the night, it had found its way into my hair and glued itself to my scalp.


And I was completely unaware of it.


I made an SOS call to one of our preschool teachers, who had been a hairdresser.


She laughed and said,


“Bring some peanut butter with you and I’ll fix it.”


Soon I was sitting in my office with a towel draped around my shoulders. Robin removed the pink glob with peanut butter and tweezers.  It was painstaking work, but before long I was free of the tangled mess.


Knowing the Formula for being de-tangled from that mess made the difference.


Negative Emotions (Bubblegum) show up in the most unexpected places.  We can go for years walking around with them, completely oblivious to their presence.  They become our Normal because they are so deeply rooted in our Subconscious Mind.


“You will never be successful at Network Marketing.”   (That’s a lie.)
“You’re always gonna be broke.”  (That’s a lie.)
“You aren’t smart enough, bold enough, skinny enough, or young enough.” (More lies.)


With the right Formula (Self-Talk, Eliminating Negativity, Feeding the Subconscious with Good Info, and Continual Connection to a Mentor and Mastermind), the Negative LIES that stick like bubblegum to our Subconscious Minds can be vanquished.


Fellow Adventurer, it takes Courage and Vulnerability to take a closer look at things that have seemed Normal.  *Press Pause* for a moment and look in the mirror.


Two of the STRONGEST Subconscious Programs, the Need to Be Right and the Need to Look Good, become hot sticky messes when we hold fast to them.


So…Where are these showing up in your life?


As for me, I’m grabbing a jar of Peanut Butter and some tweezers and getting to work.

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Think & Grow Rich, Chap 13–The Brain

I remember as a small child sitting in front of our television early in the morning. I’d be staring at the Indian Head Test Pattern and anticipating the beginning of my favorite TV show. At the top of the hour squiggly lines would cross the picture tube and there was Captain Kangaroo with Mr. Green Jeans.

Rabbit ear antenna on top of the TV received the program from the broadcasting station. I learned that by gently moving the rabbit ears around, the picture would come in clearer.

Such is our human brain.

God has designed our brain to be the most fascinating broadcasting and receiving system imaginable. True, brain cells are firing at the speed of light creating amazing pathways of learning. But consider that the brain is emitting Vibrations far beyond the limitations of bone and marrow.

This is an even greater mystery.

How is it possible that these vibrations can be transmitted through space just as rabbit ear antenna were able to connect me with Captain Kangaroo?

The physiology of all this is not as important to me as simply realizing that it works.  I am content to let the scientists discover the biology of the brain with their CT’s and MRI’s.  All I need to know is HOW to take advantage of my brain’s ability to receive brilliant ideas.

After all, I don’t have a clue as to how the internet works, but I enjoy its benefits every day.

What I understand from this chapter is that there is incredible POWER when like minds come together. When we Master Mind with positively charged individuals, we no longer are bound by physical limitations or even what seems logical.

I no longer am staring at my TV waiting for my favorite show to begin. Instead, I am connected daily to fabulous people who, like me, are laser focused on improving their lives.

Scripture says, “Come, let us reason together.”  Sounds like a good idea to me.

Margi Starr


Chapter 3–Faith

In Chapter 3 of Think and Grow Rich, the author gives the RECIPE for transforming a life of despair into a life of power. It is no accident that this is Chapter 3.

The Universe’s foundation is evidenced in 3’s:

  • the Father, Son, & Spirit;
  • animal, vegetable, mineral;
  • past, present, and future;
  • three lines are necessary to form a triangle;
  • And three dimensions are necessary to make a solid.

The 3 powerful emotions of faith, love, and sexuality, when blended together, become like a laser cutting through a cancerous tumor.  The extraordinary energy created by these 3 emotions together can penetrate through the subconscious mind, obliterating deep rooted strongholds that keep one in poverty.

The wise individual uses this Recipe to their advantage.  One can choose to allow negative thinking to pull other negativity into his life…

OR one can allow the natural positive vibrations of Faith, Love, and Sex to act as a giant magnet, drawing into his life that which is positive, purposeful, and powerful.

The power of FAITH is evidenced throughout the Scriptures. It is what made blind men see and the deaf to hear. It is what allowed men and woman throughout the ages to stand true when threatened by the mouths of lions.

FAITH spoken over and over again washes the brain of its default negativity just as mud is washed from a dirty cloth.  By intentionally feeding the mind with FAITH, even when it may still be unseen, the Recipe for success is nourished and will eventually bear its fruit.

To Your Success,

Margi Starr


Chapter 1–Thoughts Are Things

When I look into the mirror, what expression do I see written on my face?  Do I see complacency staring back at me? Or do I see intense determination to achieve financial freedom in my life?

Scarcity thinking has been my way of thinking for so many years that it still feels somewhat awkward to live my life from a new script. Financial scarcity is my default thinking pattern, robbing me of the joy of abundance. However, just as I can control my attitude, I can control my thoughts.

Awareness is only a first step. Without the next step, I stay stuck.

The next step is to intentionally declutter my mind from negative thinking. As I continue to feed my mind with nutritional thinking patterns, the scarcity thinking looses its death grip. Each hour of my day gives me opportunities to be truly grateful for what I now have and for the abundance that is coming to me. I choose to focus on the difference I will be able to make in the lives of my family. I think of a 2nd honeymoon that I will take with my husband of 28 years… the luxury vacations I’ll have with my children and grandchildren….and the difference I will make in the lives of others.

Today as I look into the mirror, I see staring back at me a woman who is grateful for what she has, knows exactly what she wants, and is rock-solid confident in what she’s creating financially for her family.

Your friend for life,

Margi Starr


Chapter 2–Desire

Several years ago I set a goal to climb PIKE’S PEAK, one of the 14,000 ft peaks in Colorado.  I worked out for 8 weeks to get physically and emotionally ready.

I walked in the morning. I walked at night. I climbed stairs. I took spinning classes. I had the INTENTION to climb Pike’s Peak and live to tell about it. Being a baby boomer made this goal more challenging perhaps, but I was determined.

The 13 mile trail to the top of Pike’s Peak was grueling. Although my legs kept me going mile after mile, the oxygen is thin at such high altitudes and I had to stop FREQUENTLY just to get my breath.

FREQUENTLY is really an understatement.

There were times I wanted to quit. There were times I actually wanted to lay down on the trail and close my eyes forever, but my son & daughter who were with me, wouldn’t let me quit. At one point I actually took the hand of one of our fellow hikers, and his energy kept me moving forward.

Napoleon Hill calls it DESIRE in Think & Grow Rich Chap 2. I prefer the word INTENTION. Each day during my training I had rehearsed in my mind what it was going to be like to reach the top of that mountain. That mountain was with me day and night and caused me to stay focused.  Many people told me I couldn’t do it. Some people laughed at me. That made my INTENTION really clear.

I reached a point going up that mountain when there was no other option but to reach the summit. There was no retreat. Dark clouds were rolling in overhead and I had to keep my feet moving. It’s amazing how INTENTION intensifies when you fear a bolt of lightning.

Hour after hour I was looking down at my feet willing them to keep moving.  I was totally surprised to hear my son say, “Everyone step back and let Mom be the first on the summit.”

The final steps were totally effortless. I felt like something was lifting me up…it was that easy…and instead of looking at rock, I was looking at open sky. It took me 7 hr and 10 min….but my clear INTENTION had taken me to top of that mountain.

Now my INTENTION is to create royalty income so that I can have more choices in life.  Instead of hikers helping me up the mountain, I now have my mastermind groups.  I feel their energy and support as I follow Hill’s recipe for acquiring financial freedom.  In my mind, I’m already at the summit.

To your success,

Margi Starr