Being Free of the 3 Dark Figures in Trench Coats

Music in a minor key starts to play and the shadows lengthen. As my eyes adjust to the darkness, I see three figures dressed in trench coats. Although barely visible in the foggy mist, their identities are unmistakable.

These dark characters hide in the shadows like vampires. Sometimes I’m not even aware of their presence, but they are there…waiting to steal my thoughts and suck my blood. They look for advantageous moments when my thoughts spiral into negativity.

Their names are Indecision, Doubt, and Fear.

They clearly are the enemies of my soul, attempting to steal my birthright.

These three are mere Cowards, preying on my emotions. They try to convince me that I am undeserving of a better life. Their voices trick me into sometimes believing them.

When I’m lazy and let down my guard, Indecision, Doubt, and Fear creep subtly into my mind, unleashing six basic fears: Poverty, Criticism, Ill Health, Loss of love, Old Age, and Death.

Each one of Fears is birthed in my mind. Within minutes I actually have a physical reaction to the chemicals being released in my brain. Nausea, dry heaves, and cold sweats become debilitating. There have been times when my bed has become my sanctuary as I’ve tried to hide from Fear.

Ever since beginning this amazing journey of Personal Growth, I’ve been learning the weapons of warfare against them.

Just as my innermost Thoughts can allow these dark enemies into my life and prevent my attainment of wealth, my Thoughts can also LOCK them out.

The secret for me is to daily surrender to God’s presence in my life. This means that I speak words of Power and Love into MY own life. The vibrational energy that is created from these Positive Thoughts eventually wrecks havoc with the negative thoughts. The negative forces are losing their grip in my life.

Love is after all, the most Positive force in the entire universe. Because I am God’s Child, I have the right to live out my purpose with joy and abandonment.

The Light in my life is turned ON. The shadows are lifted. The mysterious figures in trench coats are leaving me alone.

I am free because I have learned to guard my mind.

Margi Starr
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